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Mon Sep 01, 2008 2:28 am

LockMeNot for Windows Mobile released
August 31, 2008 [General] | By Edward J. R.

If you want to ensure that your Windows Mobile phone will not lock itself when you need it, then this application may help you.

More information from the software vendor follows.

* * * * *

“LockMeNot” – software to keep your Windows Mobile unlocked

Depending on your IT setup, most Windows Mobile Business users have to endure a protection measure that actually locks their device after a certain time.

It is a nuisance when your Smartphone keypad lock when you are in the middle of a call? Making it so that you can not access your Smartphone until you unlock the keypad.

or your Windows Mobile device going to sleep while you are relying on your GPS for navigation?

to unlock, you have to retype the password every time your Windows Mobile device is locked? Resulting in applications being stopped and losing your work?

LockMeNot prevents your Windows Mobile Device from locking or going to sleep during those periods of time you absolutely need to rely on your device to get your goals accomplished. LockMeNot is a simple to use application designed for Windows Mobile phones and PDAs.

Key Features:
Antilock adjustable timer
User defined polling interval
Easy access and status checking using the today Plug-in
To learn more or to puchase (price: $4.99) this application, visit

Credit: Cassioware - submitted through news submission form.

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