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Sir Duke
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Fri Jun 20, 2008 4:59 pm has additional details surrounding what these new plans will look like. Warning: If you’re on SERO and thinking of a Samsung Instinct, you aren’t going to be happy…

According to PhoneArena, the Sprint plans are set to “simplify” on June 15th. They are reporting the following changes:

- There will no longer be separate CDMA (Sprint) and iDen (Nextel) plans
- Power Pack and Free Incoming plans are gonzo
- Users can mix and match CDMA and iDen on the same plans (before you had to have separate accounts)
- Single user lines start at 450 or 900 min for $39 and $59 respectively
- Talk/Message/Connect gives unlimited messaging and Direct Connect (Walkie Talkie) but no data - $49.99 for 450 minutes, $69.99 for 900 minute or $89.99 for unlimited.
- Everything Plans (include messaging and data) - $69 for 450 minutes, $89 for 900 minutes or $99 for unlimited minutes
- Unlimited plans include navigation, TV and Direct Connect
- Smartphones MUST be activated on a talk plan with a Vision Pro pack ($30) - or on an Everything plan
- Share plans (aka Talk Share) start at $69.99 for two lines with 700 minutes - add a phone is $9.99 per - to a max of 5 total phones on the line
- The Talk/Message Share plans run $99.99 and $149.99 for 1500 and 3000 minutes and unlimited messaging, additional lines are also $9.99. Finally, the Talk/Message/Data Share plans run $129.99 or $169.99 for 1500 and 3000 minutes, unlimited messaging and data. Besides browsing, these plans include Sprint Navigation, Sprint TV and Sprint Radio. Additional lines can be added for $19.99 apiece.

As has been rumored, anyone activating a Samsung Instinct must join an Everything or Talk/Message/Data Share plan.

Sadly, Sprint SERO will NOT be compatible with the Samsung Instinct. If you are on SERO you must migrate to another plan if you want to start using the Instinct.
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The Crow
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Sun Jun 22, 2008 1:09 am

You know even though it says it will not be will. I have the sero 30.00 plan. I plan on adding the gps...cause after the videos I have seen on the Instinct and driving it's great.

See the update on the Samsung forum!!! affraid
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New Sprint Plans Arriving June 15th View previous topic View next topic Back to top
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