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Fri Jul 04, 2008 12:39 am

Forum moderators are guides for the forum members and guards of the main forum rules. Moderators have administrative powers in their forums and they use those powers to help grow our community.

Responsibilities of the Moderator
Probably the greatest responsibility of a moderator is to help our members follow the forum rules. We're adding new members everyday who may not understand our community's rules. Even established members may have forgotten them. If a rule is broken, show the user what they did wrong. This way we ensure our members are learning from the moderator's actions and we will be constantly improving the quality of our community.

Authority of the Moderator
Moderate Threads, Posts & Attachments
Close / Open Threads
Move / Copy Threads
Stick / Unstick Threads
Edit Threads and Posts
Delete Threads and Posts
Merge Threads
Split Threads
Give Warnings

Moving of threads
If a thread's content follows the forum rules, but has not been posted into the right forum, the Moderator should move the thread into the right forum.

Closing of threads
In some cases, discussions will not come to a satisfying end or will lead off the topic. This is the right time to close a thread and not allow further posting.

Editing threads
Editing another member's thread or post is a more significant action and should be used wisely. Moderators edit posts when the contain profanity, offensive language, off-topic content or when they don't follow the forum rules in other ways.

Deletion of threads
This is probably the most powerful tool for a Moderator. We use it only in special cases. It is never be used to censor opinions, but to keep the board inviting and helpfull for all members.

Super Moderators
While a Moderator only has the above administrative powers in the forums assigned to him/her, a Super Moderator has these powers in all forums.

We don't want to ban any member who can make a useful contribution to the community. Unfortunately, some members refuse to follow our forum rules. Breaking our forum rules can and will lead to us banning a member to protect our community. Some cases call for us to immediately ban a user but we usually follow a process of escalation which starts with warnings issued via PM. At our discretion, someone who breaks our forum rules may be banned temporarily or they may be banned permanently.

How to become a Moderator
Moderators are selected from our existing members. Administrators take into account a user's past history in the forum before inviting a user to become a moderator. If you'd like to become a moderator, show us by your actions that you:

  • Be a member for 6 months
  • Have no less than 1500 posts
  • Understand the forum rules
  • Show commitment to forum
  • Participate in threads regularly and visit our community frequently over a long period of time
  • Be helpful
  • Can get along with other members

How to become a Super Moderator
Only existing forum moderators can become Super Moderators and are selected by the community's Administrators. Only highly active moderators with an excellent reputation have a chance to become a Super Moderator.

Got a Problem with a Moderator or a Super Moderator?
If you think a Moderator or a Super Moderator is abusing their authority, you should 1st contact them and discuss it like adults. Be aware that any PM or emails to moderators may be shared with other moderators/administrators as necessary. If you've tried to resolve your concern with the moderator and you're not satisfied, contact an Administrator.

Should you have any problems?
Feel free to contact us with any concerns and we'll resolve the issue in a way that's best for the community.
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