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BlueHoo for Windows Mobile released at PDC 2008 . . . (Interesting) View previous topic View next topic Go down
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Tue Oct 28, 2008 5:18 pm

BlueHoo for Windows Mobile released at PDC 2008 conference of Microsoft
October 28, 2008 [General] | By Edward J. R.

This application, available for Windows Mobile and Java phones, was presented at PDC yesterday as an example of non-Microsoft application that takes advantage of "Windows Azure" - an "open" cloud computing platform of Microsoft that is still closed (!) to broad public (unlike cloud computing platforms of Google and Amazon that are totally open to everybody already).

Once started a blue character "Bluehoo" appears, the Bluetooth of your phone is being switched on (no questions asked, it is done forcibly) and application is searching for nearby phones with Bluehoo application running:

Obviously in past several companies tried to make similar applications but due to the fact that usually nobody else has such application running, this idea of "Bluetooth-based social networking" never succeeded. More info about Bluehoo:

Bluehoo is a mobile app that helps you make new social connections with the people around you - for business or for please.

Bluehoo uses Bluetooth to discover "hoos" around you right here, right now, shows you those people’s profiles and helps you start conversations.

To get Bluehoo visit website in your Windows Mobile phone!

We couldn't confirm that Bluehoo indeed is running on Windows Azure because web servers of Bluehoo return "Microsoft-IIS/7.0" as server description in HTTP headers, however it may be that only some services, not their web sites, are running on Windows Azure...

Conclusion: while the idea generally is very old and widely considered as failed, if there is more than one Windows Mobile phone in your family or in your office, you can give Bluehoo a try!
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BlueHoo for Windows Mobile released at PDC 2008 . . . (Interesting) View previous topic View next topic Back to top
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