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Wed Oct 22, 2008 5:11 pm

Samsung Epix now available in USA
October 22, 2008 [Pocket PC phone] | By Edward J. R.

Samsung does it again: for USA it invents nice names, while Europe and others get just boring numbers. Samsung BlackJack was sold in Europe as Samsung i600 and the same is with SamsungEpix - just released at AT&T USA but in Europe and elsewhere sold as Samsung i780.

Samsung Epix

This would be the best Windows Mobile phone with front-facing QWERTY keyboard if not Samsung's wrong tendency to put proprietary connectors everyhere instead of using industry-standard 3.5mm stereo miniplug and miniUSB (the same problem that Samsung Omnia has):

Check out the new slim touchscreen Samsung with a full QWERTY keyboard! The Samsung Epix is a world-capable, 3G smartphone featuring Windows Mobile Professional 6.1. Get the best of both worlds with global coverage and blazing fast 3G capabilities. Multitask with simultaneous voice and data abilities. Get more done on the go with a high-speed processor, large application memory capacity, Stereo Bluetooth capabilities, Wi-Fi and aGPS for AT&T Navigator.

For MORE info:
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