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Thu Oct 02, 2008 5:43 am

Airscanner Firewall 3.5 for Windows Mobile released
October 02, 2008 [General] | By Edward J. R.

Not that Windows Mobile phones need it desperately, but if you are worrying about security, you can get it!

More information from the vendor follows.

* * * * *

Major Firewall Update: Airscanner Firewall 3.5

Airscanner Firewall 3.5 represents our answer to the many people out there who have requested a product that can be used by parents or employers to help manage the device, and people they are responsible for. Specifically, this release of our firewall gives the device owner full control over how the data connection is used. So, don\t miss our introductory sale (see below for details).

No longer do employers have to worry about what websites or emails their Windows Mobile users are viewing and downloading. Through the implementation of a tightly controlled and password protected rule set, the device owner can specify what web sites and/or services their users are allowed to use.


* A parent who wants to restrict all data access to their child mobile device.
* Employers who only want their employees to visit corporate web sites and download company email.
* Educators who want to ensure school provided PDA's are used for their intended purposes.

While most parents, educators, and corporate administrators are currently managing how their desktop PC's are being used, little is done with regard to the mobile device - which can end now. With Airscanner's Firewall 3.5 the power is firmly placed back into the hands of those who are responsible.

To learn more, visit
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